In September 2011, Carpe Dream™ was created as a brand that aims to inspire the dreamers of today to be proactive in making their dreams become a reality.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The bracelet, or the brand? Well in this case, the well renowned bracelet with two wings that sit on opposite sides, wrapped next to beautiful natural gemstone beads, came first. The design was a vision that was brought to life by myself, in August 2011, for my own desire in a new accessory. From the first day I wore one of the bracelets they immediately became popular amongst friends and associates, and a demand suddenly brewed.

Where there’s demand, someone will supply. I seized the opportunity to sell my handmade bracelets and began a business that would see no limits. With an initial focus on bracelets and accessories, the business would have to be able to represent a generation, a dream, a belief and a desire to make your dreams come true. It would serve to inspire others to bring their ideas to life and to chase their dreams with maximum effort. Accordingly, the name of the business would have to embody all of that.

After days, weeks, and almost a month of shuffling and scrapping through names, the business was dubbed Carpe Dream™, originating from the Latin phrase Carpe Diem, which means “seize the day.” Therefore, Carpe Dream™ translates as: Seize the Dream.

Leading by example and sharing my story are some of the ways I plan to motivate others to pursue their dreams. Aside from that, each bracelet holds a different purpose and meaning that can aid in encouraging, empowering, and bringing goodwill to the dreamer who wears it. Follow us on twitter and instagram @CarpeDreamNYC for daily motivation & inspiration. 

Carpe Dream™ till your dreams become reality.

Luis Banks
Founder of Carpe Dream™